1991 Stadium Club - The Top Whatever...

1991 was likely the peak year of the Junk Wax Era.

After overproducing their base sets for years, the five major league card manufacturers started making sets that attempted to shout: “Look! This wax isn’t so junky!”

Topps efforts of swaying collector dollars back their direction was 1991 Stadium Club. A photography driven card set, with Kodak Imaging Technology! (Whatever that means...) Original retail price was intended to be $3 per 12 card pack.

(New boxes of Stadium Club were a lot less dusty than my opened sample as shown.)
At 25 cents per card, this would be the most expensive per card price of any card set upon release. Unheard of when the $1/pack price barrier had been broken only two years earlier...

The hobby was changing.
Printed on a thinner stock than competing cards of that that era, if that "Kodak Imaging Technology" included paper, it should have been re-thought. However, I'm thinking the Kodak logo stems from Topps using an improved film in the printing …