A Leisurely Walk Around Capitol Hill, Denver...

As my Colorado minutes tick away, I'm left feeling even more nostalgic than normal. I'm trying to cover as many of these specific areas as I can before leaving town, walking old paths and photographing as much of the ambience as still exists today.

One of the most important parts of town for me is the Capital Hill neighborhood of Denver.

The photos here (unless noted) are generally from either August 18, 2013, or May 19, 2018.

Some 20 years ago, this was the area where I met up with my friends and partied on the days where I wasn't up late partying with the Pizza Hut crew.

While I'm not entirely certain on the official boundaries of Capital Hill, for the sake of my story, I'm only covering this area:

Bordered on the north by Colfax Ave (identified by the "70" icon) and 13th Ave on the South. I'm arbitrarily setting the east edge at Corona Street. Anything further east was arrived at via car. The map goes all the way to Broadway, which is just for refe…