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Dinner Break! - Twisters New Mexico Burritos - Denver, CO

Twisters New Mexico Burritos was located on the corner of Evans and Franklin, in south Denver, adjacent to the DU campus. You'd think this would be the perfect location for fast food burritos, with plenty of poor college students nearby...  (Never mind that long established Chipotle across the street...) The restaurant was originally built in 2002, then as a Carl's Jr. I don't remember what was on this corner before Carl's Jr. was born, and I only vaguely remember it being that. But I did spend a fair amount of time in this neighborhood. Even if it was just a thoroughfare to other Denver neighborhoods. Once popular late night, post-drinking food option, Jerusalem, was just a couple of blocks east of Twisters. Home to a great Gyros platter, with that delicious yellow rice and pita bread, or the Chicken "Shower-Ma" , I seemed to find myself here at least once a month in the late 1990's. Always well after 2am... Twisters New Mexico Burritos opened up this loc