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Fire House Car Wash - Denver, CO

Over the last few years, I've not driven down Colfax Avenue in Denver, and failed to admire the shell of the former Fire House Car Wash, at 1801 East Colfax. Covered from ground to roof in colorful murals and graffiti, the gutted car wash building has become a Denver landmark of creative street murals. Combine that with typical urban decay, and that is right up my alley... In addition to multiple drive-by pictures over the years, I've recently made two dedicated "park and walk around the property" missions to photograph the former Fire House. (Which was never a real firehouse...) First visit came on June 17, 2017, with the second on February 17, 2018. (Those dates are coincidental, not some intentionally weird 8 month plan...) My intent was to cover the changes to the artwork and property itself over time. As I walk around the building, I will note the date each picture was taken... (June 17, 2017) This would be the northwestern corner of the car