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Opening Day and FairField Re-Packs

Happy Opening Day! I wasn't planning on any sort of Opening Day post. Which is really shortsighted on my part... Opening Day for me involves traditions dating back to the earliest days of having access to cable television. I used to flip between coverage on whatever channels were broadcasting baseball that day. In earlier years, I'd take the day off work so watching would go uninterrupted. Most of those years, I would sit in front of the television writing about those games and my thoughts on the season in my notebooks. That was tradition for most of my life. As the years have gone on, that tradition gets modified as we go. I don't skip work for the games anymore, and I rarely get to watch a full day's games uninterrupted. But, I woke up early for live coverage on the MLB Network this morning, and am satisfying the itch to write about baseball here. I will still watch as much of the games today as possible, though I have to go out to run some Aarons l

Abandoned Movie! United Artists Theater - Greenwood Village, CO

This will be a fairly short post today, but I wanted to get this out quickly. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, in this story, this is a part of town I'm rarely in. For this reason, I hadn't paid the former United Artists Cinema in Greenwood Village any mind for years. So I didn't even know this theater was closed until last week. Set behind a series of chain and non-chain restaurants on Arapahoe Road, just before Interstate 25 crosses over on it's way in and out of Denver. The only reason I was driving east on Arapahoe was to get to my drivers license renewed. Even though I'm moving out of the state in two months, my license expired on my birfday. Just two months before we move. I could risk driving illegally, but would likely run into problems with renting a truck to get our stuff out of here. The nearest DMV to me stopped taking walk-ins last year, the next nearest has a wait time just shy of a decade. The DMV way far away from where I live has a 1pm appo