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New 2020 Fairfield Re-Packs Top Whatever

Fairfield Repacks are a guilty pleasure of mine whenever I go to the Walgreens. They seem to keep them in stock just for me, as the inventory doesn’t seem to move unless I move it. So I’d assume, Walgreens knows that when I have to pick up a prescription, I get to reward myself with a random assortment of mostly Junk Wax, with some other surprises for only $5! Last weekend, I dropped by the Walgreens to do my usual, and I found NEW PACKAGING where the Fairfield Repacks are found. The see through window that used to be on the front and left panels, is now gone. Now you can’t get a sneak preview of the top card in the box, nor do you get to figure out which pack is included inside. The new box is nicer looking, and it’s not like you really need to see the top card. Though it was often a deciding factor in choosing which Repack boxes I was going to buy. Which in the case of today, it was three of these new boxes. I smell a Whatever! And here’s what you get: 100 random