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Abandoned Gas - Freedom - Coon Rapids, MN

It's been a while since I wrote about anything specific in good ol' Coon Rapids, so here's a gas station that is no longer there! Because his part of town needed a drive thru place for chicken fingers, more than a gas station that couldn't keep up with it's competition, directly to the north.  Write your own punchline about Freedom being destroyed in order to be replaced by a deep fried chicken fingers joint. I came up with many myself! Freedom was originally a Conoco station when it was built in 1991 or 1992. I'm not really sure of that date. I know that this station was one of the first new buildings in this area, around same time Cub Foods, Walmarts and Sears opened on the west side of Round Lake. A few years before the Riverdale Shopping Center would be fully developed, in the late 1990's. Also not sure at what point the name changed from Conoco to Freedom.  By the twenty year mark of it being open, it was obvious the station was struggling. This photo f