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1978 Bill Frisz Twins Team Issue Set

Inside a glass display case of mostly vintage singles, my LCS had this bagged set of cards for $15. At first, I thought it was a Twins teams set from SSPC, which I already have in my complete set. So I ignored it for many visits. Recently, I asked about the cards and was told they were a Minnesota Twins team issued set from 1978. Comprised of two 25 card series, it featured a total of 48 retired (no active players appear in the set) Twins players and managers. With two checklist cards, one for each series. Oh, and one card for Metropolitan Stadium! A simple photograph on the front, and black and white printing on the back, one a fairly heavy stock. These cards were put together for the Twins by Bill Frisz. Which is why it's commonly known as the 1978 Bill Frisz Twins Set. Makes sense... This was the first time I'd seen one for sale, and at $15, it was coming home with me! The first series was very star packed (second series, not so much...) covering nearly every Twi

Get Yer (1969 Twins) Programs!!

My LCS has seen several waves of great vintage coming in lately, and I've possibly overdone it on cards from 1955-1973 lately. Which isn't really such a bad thing, but it's going to take several posts to just highlight my favorite of the new arrivals. So I'm just going to start with this awesome acquisition, a 1969 Minnesota Twins Program and Scorecard! This was sitting on the counter by the team sorted star cards, and in decent looking condition for the price. Kind of cool that the cover is promoting the 100th Anniversary of Professional Baseball, as this season is the 150th Anniversary. Even though it's not perfect, I want to read it! Still a good value considering the major stain covering up a good quarter of the back cover. Ruining a classic Hamm's Beer advertisement in the process. I haven't seen a whole lot of Twins publications from the 1960's floating around these days. Other than a few ill-conceived seasons of airing Twins games o