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Gates Rubber Company - Demolition Diary part 3

November 28, 2013 This would be my third stop by Gates for demolition photos, after the initial walk around.  Those stories can be found here: Gates Demolition Diary Part 1 Gates Demolition Diary Part 2 Early this cold morning, I approached Gates from the west on Mississippi Avenue. The front office part of the factory has been significantly cut down in the week since I was last here. I took my usual parking spot at the US Bank, on the southeast corner of Broadway and Mississippi, and walked to the corner. Construction of the apartments across Broadway from Gates, continued behind a short chain link fence. Not covered by a black tarp, like the one across the street.  Just inside the fence bordering the Gates property, I took a picture of the sign posted to create awareness of the massive demolition project fully underway.  Walking north on Broadway, holding the camera over the wrapped up fence, I was able to snap some decent shots in the early morning light. Crews were working seven da

2020 Panini Stars & Stripes and the MLB Draft

About a month ago, I picked up a blaster box of 2020 Panini Stars and Stripes USA Baseball. It was sitting there all lonely at the Targets, as the other 2020 baseball issues had already been sold out. (Except for 2020 Topps Heritage. For some reason, no one wants that stuff, despite it being a fairly nice product.) Since 2020 MLB product has quickly disappeared from retail shelves for whatever reason, I’m was going through a little baseball card withdrawal. Thinking this will itch that scratch... I have to admit, the guarantee of two autographs or memorabilia cards per Blaster was appealing, despite not knowing who well over half of the players in the set are. Lucky for me, my Blaster box had 2 autographs, instead of two jersey pieces. But I still haven’t heard of most of the player featured on the cards. After opening the seven packs inside. I set them on a shelf and left them there. Part of the reason I don’t often buy products like this is other that considering them a stand alone p