Some 1955 Bowman and Some 2020 St. Louis Cardinals

Yeah, that’s a strange combo, but I’ll make it make sense… There’s been some good promotions at the local hobby shop, Pal’s Sports Cards. About once a month, they are running a Baseball Team Break (with NFL and NHL breaks going on during off-weeks, but I have no interest in that…). Until recently, I’d never taken part in one. Although I do enjoy watching the live streaming videos, regardless of where they are coming from. Sometimes if I was watching from the start, I'd pick a team and follow that through the break. Hoping my fictional pick in the pool would net a big buncha cool cards that I wouldn't get to own.  So maybe I should join one of these? A couple of weeks ago, I saw a post from Pal’s on facebook, announcing there would be a group baseball break on October 30, 2020. Spots were $25 for one random team, with the following 2020 boxes comprising the pool. Prizm and Optic are great for what they are. Shiny, logoless and fairly solid in value and player selection. I’ve ne

Gavin Lux... Fairfield Re-Packs... 2020... Whatever...

  I started sorting my 2020 cards early this year. Since I haven't been able to supplement my collection via retail packs, this year has seen most acquisitions come from a Hobby Shop. (A 1988 Donruss set was NOT among them. This box is just the temporary home of my near-complete 2020 Stadium Club set.) Which isn't bad at all, don't get me wrong. I'd much rather my collecting dollar go there than to any Targets or Walmarts. However, I simply miss being able to grab some jumbo packs with my bread, socks and cat food. Speaking of food... The sun has gone down on Famous BBQ in Coon Rapids. Giving this place it's proper write-up will take longer than I'd like. My history there is more as a bystander, than customer. Some of that story is done right now, but a lot of it isn't. Either way, it will take more time to get talking about Abandoned BBQ ready. It’ll happen soon enough, so don't get your brow all furrowed! Now enter this story… 2020 has been a mess for