2021 Bowman and a Big Buncha Other Stuff

2021 Bowman made it's debut on the market, a week and a half ago. Over the years, one of my favorite baseball card traditions has been opening a hobby box and checking out that year's crop of new prospects. I wrote about that last year, when I broke my Hobby Box of 2020 Bowman . A box of 2021 Bowman was included in the most recent group break, conducted by my Pal's at Pal's . When I paid for my spot in the break, he said that Bowman would be coming in on Wednesday that week. I asked about the price of a box and was given a number that I should have expected. A bit too much for me, but that's the state of the baseball card market today. Now with the hobby box price of Bowman almost doubling from last year, I think I'm gonna sit this round out. My plans were to stop in the day it came out and pick up a box before work. That way, I'd have something awesome to look forward to after my shift. After all, product doesn't sit on shelves anymore. If you don't