2020 Beckett Almanac - A Book Review

A new book found its way into my collection a couple weeks ago. This was kind of an impulse purchase that I hadn’t planned on. Wanted an updated reference book that could replace my 1998 edition, which had been seeing more use in the past couple of years. But I could only look up cards that were printed before early 1998, or I had to resort to the monthly Beckett. A magazine becoming more obsolete to me by the month. Monthly Becketts have dropped most of the listings I’m interested in. Which is understandable given the amount of cards that have been produced over the last 20 years. There’s simply not enough pages in the monthly issues to cover everything that I’d like to see featured. So enter the yearly Beckett Almanac! Clocking in at an impressive 1344 pages, allowing me to trace the hobby from its early days, to the junk wax boom and subsequent collapse, then reorganization into what it is today.For better or worse... The weekend of August 29-30 was the 10th Anniversary of Pal’s Spor…