2019 Topps Update Series (3) Hobby Jumbo Box Break!

Why can't we just call it Series 3?

Someone on the Twitter mentioned that sorting a bunch of Topps Update Series (3) became tedious on the eyes, given the "US" prefix to the card numbers on the back. In the comments thread that followed, I made the above comment. It's something that's bothered me for the near 20 years that Topps has adopted this method of marketing their flagship product. Two series (of 350 cards) for the main set, and another 300 cards coming out at the end of the season.

Series 3?
No, this is the Update Series.
Despite looking exactly like the previously released Series 1 and Series 2.
After all, 50 years ago, Topps sets typically included up to five series in order to fully cover the sport. And those cards just kept the consecutive numbering going...

Replies to my Twitter question generally brought back the same response. By calling the last 300 cards "Update" instead of "Series 3", Topps doesn't have to include them in …