Junk Wax Prospector - Kevin Maas - New York Yankees

Been a while since I wrote a new edition of my Junk Wax Prospector series. This was meant to highlight players that I "invested" my meager minimum wage job income into, back in the Junk Wax Era. Looking back after 30 or so years, at how their careers went.  Kevin Maas was NOT one of the players I collected back then. Nothing personal, just in 1990 his skill set didn't impress me. That's not even anti-Yankees bias, as the Yankees were probably the team I collected most. After Minnesota anyway... Maas popped into my mind as a good Junk Wax Prospector subject, as I was sorting old Yankees cards. Last month, I finally finished the first part of my great re-sorting project. Which officially started in April of 2020. Completed when I finished placing the New York Yankees in their new album home, a few weeks ago. Derek Jeter was a key player in my Junk Wax Prospector binders. Since he was such a success story as a player, I have virtually zero interest in writing about him t