The Press Bar Fire - St. Cloud, MN

A fire at the Press Bar in St. Cloud, MN, destroyed the entire 140 year old building, on February 17th, 2020. Knowing that was all I needed. I now had to go see what was left of a structure I knew nothing of, but was suddenly fascinated by...

Between the day of the fire, and the day I finally made it to St. Cloud (March 7, 2020), the story of the Press Bar fire became a whole lot juicier... But we'll get there.

I'd wanted to leave a lot earlier in the morning than 10:30am, but I had to wait for a Fedex package to be delivered. Once on the road, I was happy to see less traffic than expected, and I made it to St. Cloud in good time. My last drive up here was more about taking pictures of things with no plan, besides several specific locations. This time around, I had five specific stops I wanted to make. Although I took a couple of notable pictures along the way.

The old Total gas station, at the border between Anoka and Ramsey, has been turned into a vehicle wrap place and smal…