2019 Donruss MEGA BOX Break!!!

I had a root canal performed on a badly decayed and broken tooth today. So it seemed appropriate to talk about 2019 Donruss.

I'm not comparing the two, in fact for the first time in it's existence under Panini's watch, I was looking forward to the new Donruss release. The week it came out, I planned on buying a hobby box from my LCS. But once I was there, I spent most of my budget on some great vintage singles from 1960-1973. Forgetting all about the Donruss until after my debit card was run. So I grabbed 8 packs at random from an opened hobby box in the store, paid for them and went on my way.

Later that night, I found the 2019 MEGA BOX for sale at the local Targets. 112 total cards, exclusive "Pink Fireworks" inserts and a guaranteed autograph for $40. Oh why not... I liked what I got from the hobby packs earlier, so let's give this a MEGA shot at impressing me.

So here's my take on 2019 Donruss. A logoless alternative to Topps products.

Let's start…