An Expos ExMess and 2019 Collection Goals

For X-Mess this year, Laura gave me a series of Montreal Expos themed gifts, to help decorate New Baseballcardland. Culminating in this Vladimir Guerrero Mitchell and Ness Cooperstown Collection jersey. Which I will cover more in depth later.

Due to the nature of these gifts, 2018 X-Mess became ExMess!

This is the first time in over two decades that my entire collection is in one location. Now that I've figured out what everything I still own is, I have to decide where it goes.... And I've finally come up with a plan!

So let's look at the Expos gifts while I lay out the first stage of the New Baseballcardland sorting process. Shall we?

The first gift of the Expos series was this set of buttons. Nice simple design that I didn't already have!

The next box contained a small plastic snap case with 16 Vladimir Guerrero insert cards from the late 1990's and early 2000's inside. There were 4 cards of Vladimir with the Angles, but I wont hold that against the case. Of …

Bob and Bob and Bob and Bob the Duck

What does a farting cartoon duck have to do with vintage baseball cards?

Nothing at all!

The 20th Anniversary Issue of Wasted Quarter (#68) featured a brief recap of every issue I'd written in those 20 years. With one notable exclusion, I rarely mentioned Bob the Duck anywhere in those 100 pages. The reason for this was I'd been preparing a large -but separate- feature covering my uber-lame cartoon creation. It was scheduled for Wasted Quarter issue #69. And when that didn't happen, it was scheduled for the 25th Anniversary issue of Wasted Quarter.

And that didn't happen either... 

So you (kinda) get it here!
In order to keep things interesting, I will tell the complete story of Bob the Duck, but I will mix on some of the other Bobs that live in the archives.


Bob Saverine

Bob Boone
Hold on tight, it's gonna be a veritable Bob-A-Palooza!
Bob the Duck came to be in January 1994, when I was writing the fourth issue of Wasted Quarter. I'd decided tha…