It's 2021 Bowman Draft Day!

2021 Bowman Draft was released at Pal's Sports Cards, at store opening, on December 31, 2021. Some places got their allocations early, as I was starting to see singles popping up online a few days prior. Bowman Draft is a big deal for the niche of collectors (such as myself) that like to follow the minor league prospects before they reach the majors. I watch the draft every year, and keep somewhat of an eye on how the top players do in their professional careers. Bowman Draft offers the first look at that year's drafted players, in their (Photoshopped) Major League uniforms. Bowman Draft is a product I look forward to even more than regular Bowman. In addition to Bowman Draft, I saw that boxes of Panini's Elite Extra Edition were also on the shelves. Since Panini can't use any MLB logos or trademarks, that year's draft picks are shown in their high school or college uniforms, with just a generic location for the team that signed them. Since I was buying a box of Bow