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The London Motel - Englewood, CO

Sitting at 3225 S. Santa Fe Drive, just north of where the old Cinderella Twin Drive-In movie theater on Hampden used to be, there was the London Motel. A long shuttered roadside motel that looked to date back to the 1940's, if not earlier. Other than the fact that I know it existed, I’ve never been able to find much information about the motel's origins or history.   The only info I could find on its active use, was a business registration file with the state of Colorado, for the motel’s operation, from March 11, 1998. That same listing says the business was voluntarily dissolved on April 10, 2005. I’m guessing the motel was closed and boarded up long before that, but the trailer park on the property behind it remained open until 2017. The London Motel was a featured property in Wasted Quarter Issue 70: Abandoned Englewood . Unfortunately, just like every other subject in that book, the story suffered due to the choice of media. Condensing 20 or so photos into three 5.5"