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A Jacked-Up Retail Hit!!!

This juiced addition to my collection came via a Target Blaster of Topps Fire. I seem to be doing pretty well with retail this year, and this Canseco is more than welcome to join in... While I've never been a Canseco fan, he's a notorious figure whose name will forever be a significant part of baseball history. I was at the Metrodome in the late 1980's, when a large percentage of Twins fans were chanting "Steroids" during his at-bats. And yes, I sometimes partook in the heckling... But Jose came clean after retiring, which is kind of admirable in a way. From interviews I've read, he's fairly humble on the subject, and has a good sense of humor about what he did. While not a hero, an autograph from one of my most hated players in the early days of collecting seems like something I need to have... Plus, it's a parallel, numbered 23/50. So that's extra cool! And here's a photo from an abandoned Chinese buffet in Lakewood, C

Almost Perfect...

I didn't get to a Rockies game before leaving Denver over three months ago. I hadn't yet made it to Target Field to watch the Twins underperform in person yet this season... When the chance to get to a game presented itself a month ago, we needed to jump on it. Life has been indescribably hectic this Summer, and it was time for a live baseball break... My cousin was going to be in town during the week of September 8th, and he wanted to see a Twins game. He'd seen games at the Metrodome years ago, and more recently, Mariners games at Safeco in Seattle, but had yet to see a game at Target Field. Laura and I picked up tickets for us, my cousin and mom to watch the juggernaut Kansas City Royals take on the hapless Twins, at the stadium named after a chain of discount big box stores. It's a nice enough stadium, especially once you consider the old Metrodome, but nothing about it has really impressed me much... It has lampposts with banners touting a lame slogan (