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Abandoned Bank: Wachovia - Englewood, CO

With all of the CoronaMania going on outside, combined with essential work stress, I simply haven't gotten much writing in lately. None of the big projects that I've been working on have moved very far, so I'm going to quickly re-write something from a few years ago. Just so I can get a "new" story online. The northeast corner of Belleview and Broadway used to feature one of my favorite of Englewood's abandoned buildings; The former Wachovia Bank. I'm sure it has gone through many mergers and name changes in it's day. I think I remember at least two other banks operating from this building before it became Wachovia. But for the sake of this story, it's Wachovia. The 1970's architecture of the former Wachovia Bank was striking. It stood out to me as soon as I saw it, after moving to Englewood in 1996. I never had a reason to go inside. After all, banks aren’t exactly exciting places to hang out in, plus I’d already established a checking