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Abandoned Ohtani Building Bowman Search

I'm going to tell two stories at once! Early this morning, I had to make a supply run to the WalMarts for paper towels, generic Swiffer dusters and dryer sheets... Notice how when you need to go to Walmarts, it's always for a short list of three items? As long as I was there, I gave the card aisle a quick glance... Low and behold! There's 3 Value Packs of 2018 Bowman left hanging there! Yoink! As far as I know, no one has yet pulled the Ohtani SupaFractor. I think the "bounty" is now over $100K for that card... Would Topps put the biggest card this century in a retail pack? All bets are off with Topps these days... Since it hasn't yet turned up in a Hobby pack, you start to wonder... Last night I was talking with a friend of mine, who told me of an abandoned school that he never knew existed until he drove by recently. It was also in one of the more unlikely parts of town; the retail and office district of the Denver Tech Center, in Greenwo

A Treasure Chest Full of Transformers!

A week or so ago, I cracked open the Treasure Chest, which sits in my living room and serves as my TV stand. I showed off some of the contents of the Chest in this story here , but now I will show you the rest... In order for us to be ready to leave town, the Treasure Chest must be properly packed up in preparation for relocation. As mentioned, the Treasure Chest is filled with roughly 85% original Transformers toys from the 1980's. Some of them are from my childhood, but most were acquired during the years of 1996-2002, thanks to this place: Xeno Collectable Toys was located in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Denver.  They operated out of this storefront until early 1999 when the store closed.  Today it sells marijuana... I covered the subject of Xeno in my story about Capitol Hill, a few days ago, where I mentioned that this store changed my collecting. Which is absolutely true. Money that was allocated for stuff like this: Was now going