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Gates Rubber Company - Demolition Diary part 2

If you haven’t read Part One of the Demolition Diary, you should. It gives the background to what this whole project is about. That being said, here is Part Two, my first look at the start of Gates end. November 20, 2013 The day before these pictures were taken, I drove by Gates on my way up to Colfax Avenue. Because I needed to hit up Twist & Shout before work that afternoon. As I passed by the red brick offices that butted up against Broadway, I saw the Gates event that I’d been anxiously waiting for. Shovels were ripping at the walls and tearing them down. I didn’t have my camera with at the time, so I didn’t stop. Actually I had my work IPhone on me, from that few years stretch where I was pretending to be a supervisor, but I never used it for anything besides work related stuff. Wish I would have snapped a few pictures on it that day anyways... I really miss Twist & Shout. Such a great place to wander around and look for cool stuff that you don’t necessarily