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Gates Rubber Company - Demolition Diary part 5

With the addition of photographing the Gates Rubber Company demolition to my weekends becoming routine, I'd been trying to figure out new places around Denver to drive around for pictures. With this in mind, X-Mess 2013 was highly anticipated for me, but not for celebratory reasons. Laura was going to be back in Minnesota visiting family, at the end of December. Once I finished work on the 23rd, I would be off until the 27th. The key date in there being X-Mess itself. A morning that should see very little traffic on the road, giving me a chance to get some real good pictures without much interference from traffic or people. Like this one. I really like this one. That day was such a success, it was already written about in a two part story, posted here a couple of years ago. You can read both of those here: Part One: The Road to Fan Fair Part Two: Gates Rubber Factory and more... I purposely left Gates out of the story (mostly) I wrote back then, because I had every intention of goi