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Post 100!!! Duluth, MN! Vintage Cards! Hooray!!!

Welcome to the 100th post in Four Baggers and Foreclosures history! This occasion was (not) celebrated in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Which is roughly 25 miles north of Duluth. After a stressful summer and prolonged house search, we were set to close on our new home in mid-September, and are still in the process of moving in and setting it up... I will get to the story of our three day stay on Minnesota's north shore at the same time as I describe the haul of unexpected treasure I stumbled into. I like mashing things up nonsensically, because I can! One of the things I wanted to do while we were up here was to spend some time in Superior, Wisconsin. Which became even more important once I found out that Globe News was still open! Back in October 2003, I visited Duluth/Superior on a one day trip with some friends. I was actually looking for a job at the time, and ripped two pages from a phone book (at an actual PAY PHONE!) for the listings of printers in town to send of