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2019 Bowman's Best Box Break

Taking a break from a particularly grueling holiday shopping weekend, I opted for a stop at the local card store. Maybe too conveniently located a couple blocks north of the grocery store I shop at every Sunday morning. The Targets were sold out of any 2019 baseball I'd be interested in (not buying Topps Fire ), so I figured I'd see what was interesting here. 2019 Bowman's Best had just came out. It was priced a little bit higher than I'd like to pay for new boxes. But for the entire time I was there, it sat on the shelf tempting me... Bowman's Best is a set that I have fond memories of, dating back to it's early years of 1994 and 1995. As the tagline states: "Featuring the year's top performing prospects & veterans!"  Recently, that has included many of that year's First Round Draft Picks. Topps put together a really nice -but small- set under the Bowman brand, with flashy colors and multiple refractors printed on the "Finest&