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2021 Topps Silver Pack Top Whatever

I went to my second card show at the Valley West Shopping Center, in Bloomington, MN, a few weeks back. Unfortunately, the guy with all those great 50 cent boxes wasn't here (or didn't bring them) this time. The guy with the 2020-2021 singles was back, and I knocked off 12 more 2021 Stadium Club cards I needed. And between several tables worth of quarter boxes and dollar boxes, I came away with some stuff that I really liked. Nothing that I will retire off of, but more of the harder to find common inserts from the last 20 or so years.  Which brings me to the subject of this post.  So far, none of the 2021 card releases have impressed me a whole lot. But I've been somewhat surprised by my affinity for 2021 Topps Silver Pack cards. Only two packs of them were opened by me, both coming from that 2021 Topps Series One Jumbo box I ripped back in February. ( The one that lost to 1954 Bowman, in a head to head match-up. ) Since that disappointing waste of money, I've been buyi