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20/20 Sound, Northtown Mall, Blaine, MN

I first knew of 20/20 Sound at the Northtown Shopping Mall in Blaine, Minnesota, as one of those CD stores that sells their stuff at way more than I’d ever expect to pay for music. First starting off as a kiosk in the mall in the late 1980’s, just outside the Food Court, before moving into it's own store in early 1990. It would be one of the stops on the wandering route during my mall visits as a teenager, though it's expensive inventory made it the last option for music purchases in the mall. One day, I noticed 20/20 Sound had a They Might Be Giants cassette that I didn't already have (They’ll Need A Crane EP). That would be the first purchase I ever made at 20/20 Sound, and last for quite a while. I wasn’t into buying as much music then, the majority of my discretionary income went towards stuff like this... 1991 Stadium Club - Chuck Knoblauch MTV still played videos and I could get my fix from VHS tapes of 120 Minutes. I didn't need to buy the latest