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King Soopers at Littleton Square, Littleton, CO

I have to stop on the way home from work tonight... Meaning yet another drive through the ice and snow covered roads of Minnesota, to pick up some stuff we need from the store I loathe. And I don't mean this store... My frustration with the Minnesota winter weather has me really missing Colorado... My frustration with Minnesota's leading grocer, Cub Foods, has me really missing King Soopers...  I've never liked Cub Foods. I don't like the layout of their stores, not a fan of their staffing policies, and their generic food line SUCKS! Kroger's name brand is far superior in nearly every food I've sampled. That and their King Soopers chain is just plain better run. Hey Cub... You SUCK!!! Cub Foods's parent company, Super Valu, recently decided to shift focus solely on their wholesale grocery business. In doing so, they put all their retail stores up for sale to interested parties. Including Cub Foods. King Soopers' parent company, K