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X-Mess 2013 - Gates Rubber Factory and More... Part 2

All the way back in part 1 of this story, I had just photographed the remains of Fan Fair, and it's adorable little abandoned gas station, that had recently been given a new leash on life. In leaving Fan Fair, I was changing direction to drive about 7 miles west to Gates Rubber Factory. From here, taking Colfax to Broadway would have been the easiest path to take... But I had other things I wanted to see along a different route.  So south we go! I missed out on getting pictures of this abandoned car dealership on the way to Fan Fair. While I'd hoped to have been able to snap a full lot picture, so there would be some perspective and context to the image, I was able to get a decently focused shot of the main driveways and sales office/showroom. When I drove down Havana St. a week ago, I missed getting an updated shot here. It has since been re-opened as another used car lot; Tynan's Preowned . The building in the picture has been given a makeover, and the