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Abandoned Stuff - A Subway Farmers Car Wash - Denver, CO

At one point this had to have been a Taco Bell. Likely after it was built... If not then, we can almost be certain that at some time, this building provided tacos.  Probably with some sort of ringing device as a logo. ****** Saturday December 23, 2017. It was fairly early in the morning when I was out driving the southeast Denver area. Unfortunately, the sun was at the right angle to mess with most shots I tried to take. Today needed to be cloudy for the unexpected trifecta of new abandoned buildings to add to my future story archive.   As an added bonus, all three were within a few blocks of each other! A good omen for that day's photo tour showed up at the front gates to my apartment complex. I had to return home after work to grab the camera I forgot to bring, then snapped a picture on my way out. Good thing I did, as the maintenance crew had already painted over it by the time I returned. Without any specific destination in mind when I left Greenwood Point, I decided to make th