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1988 Bill Frisz Twins World Champions Team Set

It's nice to sit and watch live baseball again. This piece was started while watching some Spring Training games live on TV. First was part of the Twins tieing the Blue Jays, at 5 a piece. The second game of my double header was watching the Colorado Rockies lose to the Angels, 7-5. Because of course they would. To be fair, at this point of Spring Training, the games are decided more by the AA and AAA journeymen just hoping for a chance, than anyone that will play in the majors in 2020. Because it's this early, there is always optimism. Thanks to a decent offseason, the Twins are being ranked as one of the legitimate World Series contenders. Thanks to a lousy, do-nothing offseason, the Rockies will likely battle the San Francisco Giants for last place in the National League West. Unless you're Dick Monfort, then you believe the 2020 Rockies will win 95 games. Realistically, that isn't happening.  Though one could look at the 1987 Minnesota Twins as a perfect ex