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2018 Bowman Disappointment -er Draft

Bowman Draft once played a big role in my collection. Between 2005-2010, I anticipated Bowman Draft every year, and typically spent a good amount of money on the product. In recent years, the set became a Hobby Shop exclusive, and I lost interest. Especially since the marketing of the set had brought it to an almost "lottery ticket" product. Over the years, I had pretty good luck pulling decent autographed prospects from it's packs. Adding autographed cards to my collection of Jacoby Ellsbury, Ryan Braun, Marcell Ozuna, Evan Longoria, Jurickson Profar and of course... The next year, a pack of Bowman Draft brought me a Kershaw Gold Refractor! Needless to say, I was a fan of the product, and was a card release I fondly looked forward to each year. For 2018, I was planning on buying some of the 2018 Bowman Draft for old times sake. But wasn't interested in paying the huge price for a full box. This year I'd be satisfied with a few packs, just to get a

National Hobby Shop Day at Pal's!

Hey! It's National Hobby Shop Day! Yet I didn't know it was National Hobby Shop Day on December 8th. It seems there are a lot of varying promotions sponsored by the remaining card companies, so I don't really pay attention to that stuff anymore. But I do love that card of yelling Sam Mele! Early that morning, I was out running Aarons and found myself in the car for a few slow minutes, looking at my phone after grabbing a small list's worth at a Targets. (Who only had crappy Panini Football and Basketball in the card aisle...) I still had to hit the grocery store, and was just taking a breath or two between missions. While looking at the facebooks, I saw a post regarding National Hobby Shop Day events at a shop I miss greatly in Denver. Hmmm.... Pal's Sports Cards in Andover was close by, and between me and my next planned stop. Certainly there's room for a detour! After all, I'd been meaning to stop in to see if they had Monster Boxes wi