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242 & 65 - Northgate Mall! Perkins! Taco John's! KFC!

That's a really cool marquee! As the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area has grown in the past 40 or so years, expansion to the second and third ring of suburbs boomed. Meaning that useful stuff built in the 1970's and 1980's were now becoming obsolete after the turn of the century. And they must be removed for something that will be of more use to the city's current needs. In this case, that would be removing these buildings completely to expand the capacity of this busy intersection. Highway 242 (I refuse to address this road as County Road 14!) crossing Highway 65 was one of the deadliest intersections in the state of Minnesota, for many years. The amount of daily traffic passing through this intersection in all four directions, was far too great for traditional stoplights to safely handle. Creating a bridge with entrance and exit ramps would drastically reduce the chance of dying on your way to this particular Cub Foods. However, doing so would

Ashes of the Skyline Motel - Mounds View, MN

The Mounds View (MN) Fire Department used the former Skyline Motel as a training exercise, on August  27, 2019.  Which would have been the same day I was seeing Weird Al Yankovic at the Minnesota State Fair! The shuttle bus I rode to the Fair, drove right by the motel on Interstate 35W. Likely around the time that the fire was intentionally set. Lack of foresight had me sitting on the opposite side of the bus. So I couldn't see anything, if there was anything to see. A few days later, I was given the motel fire news via phone call, while in the self checkout lane at the neighborhood LoweDepotNards . My parents were out on their weekly drives around Minnesota and saw the ashy cremains of the Skyline Motel. I always appreciate the hot tips! (That was really lame...) The next afternoon being Labor Day, I decided that I needed to drive out for pictures. Plus it would allow the chance to see some of the other abandonments along the County Road 10: Crapids to 35W