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2019 Topps Series 2 Hobby Jumbo Box Break

Topps Series 2 Baseball came out a couple of weeks ago, and I made it a point to go to my LCS on the day it went on sale for a Hobby Jumbo Box. For reasons including both the bulk of base cards this box would yield. And the lower risk lottery ticket that base Topps represents. Just like I did with Series 1 in January... Plans were to repeat the story I wrote for that box break with this one, but there were the typical unplanned -yet expected- delays. So this is late. Life has been extra lifey lately, and my pile of planned and started Four Baggers stories is getting way behind the delays that keep popping up. For sake of describing this box break, I'm not going to list each base card. That's way too much typing and scanning. Instead, each pack gets 9 cards that I feel like talking about. Because my scanner fits 9 cards. And that makes sense. Just as it did for Series 1. But this is Series 2! Pack One *********** The first Topps Series 2 card s