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The Nolan Arenado Coors Field Combo Whatever

Needless to say I'm very irritated with the Colorado Rockies these days. For years, I've been advocating the sentiment: But that's not going far enough...  In honor of my all time favorite Colorado Rockies player departing Denver, I was going to conduct another Top Whatever of some Nolan Arenado cards in my collection. But my thoughts about this trade were too negative in just talking about Arenado. So I decided to offset this Whatever, with some of my more positive thoughts about watching Rockies baseball at Coors Field, during the years I lived in Denver. Something that I really miss... I even miss the Rockies terrible purple dinosaur mascot, Dinger.  Sometimes, the Dinger Van would be sitting in the parking lot, beyond center field. I have to question that statement on the driver's side of the van. Running up and down the stadium steps, wearing a heavy purple dinosaur costume in the summer heat, sounds like the opposite of an awesome job. 2014 parking ticket from sai