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Dinner Break!!! Carroll's Pub Corner, Sheridan, CO

I've driven by this building hundreds of times, but never paid much attention to it. I'd actually assumed the place was still open as of a few months ago. Showing no signs from the street how long it hasn't been open. Last month, I was in the neighborhood for an emissions check on the car, and my route home would take me past the building. Carroll's Pub Corner was now officially on my "need to photograph" list. Looking back at the archives, I found only one photo that wasn't blurry or otherwise unusable. The odd coincidence coming in that I took my pictures for this story on September 24, 2017. This photo of Carroll's, from back when it was vibrant and alive, was taken September 22, 2013. And how the world has changed in those four years... Well, four years and two days... A dead giveaway should have been the place being dark and silent during what would have been peak bar hours... Also, the lack of displayed neon... And the sign

Jeff Innis... Wasted Quarter's Favorite Player!

Now up, number 40, Wasted Quarter's favorite player... Jeff Innis! (I've lightly promoted this post, the 40th story uploaded to  Four Baggers , for over a week now. And as far as great cliffhanger let downs go, I sure hope this ranks under South Park's switching the reveal of "Who is Eric Cartman's Father?" with "Terrance & Phillip: Not Without My Anus" , because I'm so on South Park's level...) 1988 Topps Traded I started writing and self-publishing Wasted Quarter in October 1993. A month into doing it, I decided one of it's running features would be to follow one player's career in each issue. Problem being, the 1993 season was over when I started the column. There would be no game performance news until Spring, so I'd have to start the column based on whatever offseason rumors and transactions I could find in the limited pre-internet world. 1994 Score Jeff Innis was the player chosen for this featu