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Card Show! Fan Zone - St. Cloud, MN

Last March, I saw an ad for a card show in St. Cloud. Work commitments and yet another snowstorm cancelled my plans to make the 50 or so mile drive that day. I was going to wake up extra early, go to the card show, and spend some time driving around St. Cloud to several specific landmarks of interest. Hopefully I'd find some nice abandoned buildings to photograph along the way. But it didn't work out... A couple of weeks ago, I saw the same 1972 Topps inspired card show ad online. This time it had a new date... One that I would be able to attend! My old plans were new again! I woke up at 8am, and headed out westbound on Highway 10. Stopping in Anoka (the town next over) to fill the car with gas and pick up a small bag of Beef Jerky for breakfast. Due to my anxiousness to depart, I neglected to make the toasted bagel I'd planned. The last time I was driving through Ramsey, I noticed the old Total gas station has the windows uncovered. In 2017, I photograp