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Abandoned Retail - Watson's Grocery, Denver, CO

I never went to Watson's Grocery, so I can't say much about the store itself. For years, Watson's was just another convenience store. This one was at 9th and Lincoln, on Capital Hill, in Denver, CO. One I'd look at while driving, just before reaching downtown on the drive in from the south. I usually took this route into downtown Denver for Rockies games, or wherever I was going, using Broadway. Which splits off into two separate one way streets when it crosses under I-25. Broadway handles the southbound traffic, while northbound drivers bypass a block to the east on Lincoln street. This photo taken September 3, 2014, is the only one I have of Watson's Grocery while it was still open. While I couldn't find a whole lot of actual information about Watson's online, through reading old Yelp reviews I figured out that it closed in late 2016. After being open for many. No definition of many could be confirmed by anything I found either. From from ev