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Cards From my Pals at Pal's... Whatever...

One nice thing about my return to Minnesota is the close proximity of an actual Brick & Mortar card shop... After losing Mike's Sports Cards (in Englewood) to economic induced closure in 2013, I had to make a pilgrimage across Denver to Mike's (Stadium) Sports Cards in Aurora, for in person team set filling. (Unless I wanted to shop at Unfriedly's Dickish Collectables, but that's an entirely different story...) Now that I'm back here, I live reasonably nearby to Pal's Sports Cards in Andover. Being less than five miles away, I can stop in whenever I have the wax itch to scratch... Pal's was a scheduled destination visit during my past Minnesota vacations. Each time I came back to town, I set aside an hour our two for quarter-box mining. (No dime boxes here, but I wont argue with quarter boxes filled with quality...) Anything not sleeved was priced at 25 cents, anything in a sleeve (or top loader) was priced accordingly. For a decent pric

Dinner Break! The Draft - Southwest Plaza, Littleton, CO

Suburban Sports Bars are a dime a dozen these days. They are located in nearly every city, nearby to shopping and retail, hoping to sponge peripheral business from traditional attractions. Which makes perfect sense. Wherever a lot of people are shopping, they're likely going to want to eat. And while they eat, they're going to want to watch TV! Televised sporting events being the most appealing viewing option to the masses, and biggest draws for bars... Which brings to mind today's Dinner Break!  The Draft Sports Grill in Littleton Colorado! Tucked far in the back northwest corner of the Southwest Plaza parking lot! Far away from all visibility off the two busy cross streets.  You cant see The Draft from behind Dillards and the Food Court and... That... Other store... Actually in recent years, Southwest Plaza has seen a decent resurgence. With it's logical and condensed layout, Southwest Plaza enjoys a very respectable roster of