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2017 Topps Update - The Two Pack Challenge

Knowing that 2017 Topps Update hit retail shelves in the past week or so, I planned on zipping into the WalMarts for my usual two pack sample. For my first purchase of any new card release, I like to buy at least two packs. One to familiarize myself with the product, and a second to try and feel better after the initial disappointment... Amidst a sea of Panini NFL Football and Basketball, I found Aaron Judge ( Wow am I getting sick of him! ) staring at the restrooms. Once again, the ratio of Baseball vs Football and Basketball is completely out of whack. The Walmarts had only a small quantity of Topps Update, available in Blaster and Jumbo pack form... The weigh in affects the call: Blaster Boxes contain 10 packs of 10 cards each, plus one special card exclusive to retail blasters. A total of 101 cards for $19.97. Jumbo Packs (or Hanger Boxes or whatever you want to call them) are $9.97 for 72 cards. Yeah, that math makes it a no brainer... Let's see how this worke

Dinner Break!!! Super Buffet - Denver, CO

While out on another abandoned building photography mission in west Denver, a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled into SUPER BUFFET! Being in a part of town that I'm not often in, I knew nothing of this place when I drove by. However, I made note of convenient nearby parking for the drive back... Even from the quick glance while driving by, I needed to put the effort into checking this place out. Typically, I get a kick out of Asian restaurant names. Most of them try to appeal to the American eating audience with buzzwords that fit the stereotype, such as: Mandarin... Emperor... Imperial... Dragon... Jackie Chan... Or they go the other route, simple, bland and vague... (In that action-packed Helvetica font...) So let's stop in at Super Buffet! Featuring: “Fresh, Delicious Food!”   Well, I should hope so… Not to discredit anyone that comes to America and tries to start a business. There’s a lot of risk in doing so, and foreign run businesses succeed an