A Black Friday Trip to Kmart, Lake Street, Minneapolis

My trek to the Lake Street Kmart in Minneapolis, wasn't on Black Friday. Actually about two weeks before. In their latest round of announcing store closures, the parent company of Sears and Kmart stated that 2 of the last remaining 3 Kmart’s in Minnesota will close before the end of this year. Stores in International Falls and St. Paul will shut their doors permanently by X-Mess 2019.

The last remaining store, on Lake Street in Minneapolis, will stay open. 

For now…

The Kmart in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that I visited a couple of months back, is counted among the stores that will close. Glad I made that effort while I was there…

However, I didn’t buy this great black cat Halloween decoration that was on display.

I bought three cans of Rock Star, just because I wanted a receipt from Kmart. At the time, I thought it may be the last one I would enter.

You're welcome. 

I wish I could have taken this sign off the window. It would look great in my office!

Since the number of open Kmart’s in Minnesota was about to be reduced by 2/3, I figured it was a good idea to pay them a visit. Maybe buy something so I could add a Minnesota Kmart receipt to my collection? Immediately, I planned an excursion the next Saturday morning. Not just for Kmart, but other attractions in the area that I hadn’t seen in years and now wanted to. The cameras would be coming with, so I just may get a decent story out of this?

I woke up way early for me, left the house, grabbed a portable and caffeine filled breakfast at the SSA and hit the road. 

Over the last few months, the greenhouse portion of Nature's Nursery had been demolished. Most of it had already collapsed over the last year, so it likely had to be removed for safety concerns.

The property was finally sold over the Summer. Keep thinking the rest of it will get flattened soon. But I drive by it every day and it remains intact. Hopefully, my timing of driving by will work out with the day it does get torn down. I need a mid-demo picture of this place.

For most of it’s life, Nature’s Nursery went by the name Pederson Floral. 

But enough about there, that's a story for another time.

A few miles down the boulevard, work has begun on preparing the large swath of land that used to be known as the Coon Rapids Shopping Center. After over 15 years of sitting empty and unused, finally they are building that damn residential area the city has spent decades longing for.

Their back-up plan was building an 8 block long mini-storage facility.

New city motto: "Welcome to Crapids, a Place to Keep Your Crap!"

Dating back to the late 1950’s, the shopping center’s complex of buildings were demolished in the Summer of 2004. Work on the new housing development (known as “Port Riverwalk” back then) was intended to start immediately after the old buildings were scraped. Money and developer problems and recession and blah blah blah, 15 years later, work has finally started.

But that's also another story for another day.

Let's keep going...

Heheheheh... Village Pumper…

An old gas station turned tattoo parlor...

When plans for this photo mission were developing, I asked a friend if he wanted to be my co-pilot. He said he couldn’t as he had to work that day, but sent along a hot tip on a great place for Mini-Golf. Luckily, that course would be right on my drive to Minneapolis!

I can agree to those terms.  But I was really looking forward to swinging my clubs...

Seems about the right place to grab my balls and putter.

But no one answered my inquiry...

Looks like where you start the course?

Leaving the course filled with dead leaves provides an even greater degree of difficulty in trying to get a straight shot to the hole. They also make it pretty hard to see that hole. Thought I hit a hole in one, but it had just rolled under a pile of sticks.

Interesting choice in going with overgrown weeds and brush to lead you between the holes. Most Mini-Golf courses use flags or fencing. Perhaps these strange construction choices have contributed to why I was the only one here on a Saturday morning. Which I figured would have been peak golfing time.

Damat, I lost my ball again…

Ramping the ball off this obstacle was difficult as I couldn’t get enough flat space for the ball to gain any speed. Couldn’t you have just put up a windmill to mess with my stroke?

Well that sucks! I was hoping to enjoy a visit to flavor country during my round. But I guess I could easily set all these leaves on fire. So I’ll comply while completing my game.

With a big frown on my face.

This branch almost poked my eye out while trying to line up my putt. I would have complained to the guy running the booth. But there was no guy in the booth to complain to…

Of all the obstacles placed on this mini-golf course, none was more difficult than the pile of broken up concrete. I couldn’t navigate it and had to take a 3 stroke penalty here.

Layering piles of dirt on top of the green made the 18th hole the most difficult.

And I would have came in just under par had it not been for some fool filling up the hole with more dirt.

Nice practical joke, bro...

I would also like to complain that the Astroturf was a bit loose on this hole, catching my shoe and ripping up as I walked over it. I would have replaced my divot, but no one else had been, so screw it!

After my extended time on the links, time for a stop at the BP on Mississippi for some energy refueling.

Back in 1992, I stopped here occasionally after my shift at the Brooklyn Center Perkins, because this Amoco (as it was branded then) stocked a decent supply of Junk Wax baseball cards, for a reasonable price. These days, the station had no cards for sale, but they did have a huge selection of glass pipes. Not since leaving Denver have I been in a gas station this full of smoking utensils.

Setting back out southbound on East River Road, then passing under 694 and on towards Minneapolis. 

You are correct light! I do need to keep going straight. No turning here…

The stretch of East River Road from around Minneapolis Public Water Works, down to what is now the Xcel Energy plant, was always my favorite as a little kid riding in the car on the way to Minneapolis. Nowhere near as interesting today as it used to be 35 years ago, but I still have fond memories of this part of the drive.

All of the classic abandoned gas stations, bars and other buildings have all been demolished decades ago. And further down, the double driving lanes have been re-painted, allowing for only single lane traffic with on street parking on both sides.

Railroad tracks that once intersected the road in multiple placed have been pulled up and paved over. 

Several set of them spun off from this railyard, then crossed over to feed the disappearing industrial areas along the river.

Big fan of these round buildings at the City of Minneapolis Public Water Works.

At some point on this drive, East River Road becomes Marshall Street. I’m not sure at which point that happens. Oh wait, now I know! Right about where these railroad tracks cross over this ancient bridge. Thanks Google Maps! 

Xcel Field Park, across the street from Xcel Energy. That plant used to identify as NSP, for the long ago absorbed Northern States Power. But they did build a nice baseball field! There used to be several run down boarded up buildings here in the early 1980's.

Multiple railroad tracks used to cross at this stoplight, carrying supplies to the power plant.

Marshall Concrete Products squeezed between the road and the Mississippi River, on a narrow strip of land. The crossed arches on the new Lowry Street bridge (replaced about 10 years ago) can be seen above the fence.

Betty Danger’s Country Club used to be known as Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge about 15 years ago. 

Some 40 years ago, this was an A&W Drive-In restaurant.

Yes, they have their own Ferris Wheel!

River Liquors, at the corner of Marshall and Lowry, has now closed up shop. I should have taken a better look at this place, but all that golfing set me back on my schedule. No time to shop for liquor that I don’t drink, so let’s keep going!

Although, I may have to come back...

That advertisement for Orange Crush soda has been painted on the side of this building for as long as I can remember. I have to give the owner credit for keeping it up over the decades, it still looks really sharp.

Psycho Suzy’s Motor Lodge moved a few blocks down Marshall, into the former night club known as Grandma’s. Which back in the day was a hot spot for pro wrasslers in Verne Gagne's AWA. If you drank here in 1983, there was a good chance that you may get your ass kicked by the Road Warriors.

On the right sits B&B Printing. I'm not sure how long they've been there, but that building is pretty old. Across the street you can see new residential complexes replacing the old smaller houses. In the distance is Minneapolis. There are faster ways of getting here, but the freeway doesn't have nearly this much character. Even if it is disappearing rather quickly.

Intersecting railroad tracks that have not yet been removed.

Here is the old Grain Belt brewery. Today it’s been renovated into condos and offices, but the massive structure sat empty and abandoned for many years before being repurposed. As a historical landmark, it was never too close to being demolished, but I loved seeing the contained decay when I’d ride by it as a kid on our trips to Minneapolis.

The North East Yacht Club.

Not sure how much yachting is done on the Mississippi River. Which is about three blocks from here. 

So let’s cross the Mississippi River at 1st Avenue, then head into downtown Minneapolis. On the right of the bridge is another historical landmark, coincidentally related to the Grain Belt brewery…

Here it is from the opposite angle (in 2015). After a threat of removal, this sign was restored a while back and once again lights up in colorful neon at night. At least I think it does. I haven't seen it lit up in a about 10 years.

As with all cities, newer buildings are constantly replacing the old outdated ones. Here are some newer ones along Hennepin Ave. Either they were only partially built in 2015, or construction had just been started.

A recent demolition (well, recent in 2015) exposed remnants of an old painted advertisement on the north side of the former Minneapolis Lumber Exchange. It was soon covered back up by whatever was built next door. It cannot be seen today. Unless your office or condo had a window facing it.

The legendary Gay 90's is still open. Which is shocking given it’s notorious past…

The same can also be said for Augie’s Topless Bar, the Famous Brass Rail and the Hennepin Avenue Adult Boutique. Surviving relics from Hennepin Avenue’s seedier era. One can only imagine how exciting this block was in the 1970’s…

But what did they sell here?

Survey Says!

Thanks Steve Harvey!

Did 69 people actually vote for Porn, or were the numbers fudged for effect?

No matter how appropriate that number may be...

This building has a giant mural of Bob Dylan, instead of the usual advertising hanging above a small parking lot. So far no one has built anything in front of it that would block Bob off… Although if they did, that would be fine by me. Kidding. But I'm just not a fan of his music.

The once infamous Block E is long gone. So was the crime-ridden attraction put up in it’s place. Now a good chunk of the block is taken up by the Mayo Clinic.

The former Skyway Theater is now a club known as Bar Fly.

That’s about all I know of it.

A block south of Barfly sits the Historic State Theater. Today it was blocked by a shovel for Hennepin Ave road work.

On November 11, 1994, I saw They Might Be Giants play here. I can’t believe that was 25 years ago now. I was 19 when I went the that show. I’m getting really old…

Here’s a better photo of the State Theater from 2016. With bonus Weird Al Yankovic on the Marquee! I did not make it to this show, but was a happy discovery as I was driving by.

Down a little bit and across the street, is the Orpheum Theater, where I saw Dead Can Dance in 1996.

Which was a really fun night of taking absolutely nothing serious. 

I turned off Hennepin at Lyndale, just under the I-94 overpass. To my right was Dunwoody Technical Institute. I work with people that went here, and heard stories about other people I know that spent time here. It’s apparently a good starting point for aimless teenagers that aren’t traditional college material. Had I not fled this state in my early 20’s, I may very well have ended up here.

No single piece of public artwork in the entire state makes me angrier than the “Spoon Bridge” in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center. For over 30 years, that stupid bent spoon and cherry just pisses me off every time I see it. I cannot rationally explain why it bothers me so much, just that it does. And always has. And likely always will.

I hate the Spoon Bridge!

Nothing against Crown Medical, but this just doesn’t look like a medical facility I would trust. The poor abbreviation of Center doesn't help. Not that I know anything about this place. Other than it was just a few blocks from the Electric Fetus. My first planned stop in this neighborhood.

I had not been to the Fetus since early 2005. On that visit, I picked up (then) new albums by General Patton vs the X-Ecutioners (which I loved) and Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum (which I hated), plus the 3 man stand-up comedy album, The Marijuanalogues. Which allowed me to discover Doug Benson’s brand of pot humor.

Looking north, there’s downtown Minneapolis in the distance.

Looking south, there’s the forever under construction I-35W. 

Although this segment looks to be fairly completed today. 

Cute little rusty ore cart parked out in front of the Fetus.

With a very faded advertisement for Knudson’s Department Store painted on the side of the Fetus. I would assume Knudson's filled this shop, pre-Fetus.

While this doesn’t mean anything to me, Minneapolis music icon Prince shopped here for all his music when he was alive. I somehow doubt Prince and I have the same musical tastes.

The Residents recently released 2 disk reissues of classic and rare recordings between 1971 and 1974. Not Available (1974) is one of my all time Top Albums, so adding in a ton of bonus recordings related it, is a must own.

Today's Fetus score also contained the new album by Mike Patton and Jean-Claude Vannier. Corpse Flower came out a couple of months ago, and had been on my list as soon as I found a retail outlet to purchase it from. I don't want order stuff like this online. That defeats a lot of the cool factor of owning the physical copy of music you like. And I'm certainly not downloading it from I-Tunes. Where's the art? Booklet? Photos?

Sure, it's pretty much Patton reading his shopping list in French, but that violin is infectious!

A local artist has decided to show his (or her) skills on the side of a freight truck, just down the block from the Fetus.

The building across from the truck also fell victim to art, as well…

Probably because these places are located so close to the Minneapolis Institute of Art! One can simply not contain this much art! It’s going to spill over into nearby businesses and vehicles. That much is unavoidable.

What do you think that damn Spoon Bridge is trying to tell us?

1st & 24th, one block to Nicollet Avenue, which is where I turn left, because I'm so very close to Kmart!

Turning onto Nicollet Avenue, I found a 420 awning.

But here, it's just an address. I'm not driving around Denver while taking pictures anymore...

Here is the Spyhouse coffee shop. I went here once in 2004, to attend a meeting of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy. The former Freelance Dan invited me, since I’ve long been a dabbler in cartooning, but nothing near as serious like they do. I tried to fit in, but it soon lead to a major social anxiety ordeal, so I left for the relative calm of Crapids.

I’m pretty sure that night ended with getting drunk at Bennigan’s.

2004 was weird…

Cheapo moved to this location a few years back. Their old store on I-Can't-Remember Street was sold and replaced by condos or something. Don't ask me, I didn't live here then. And I don't feel like looking it up now.

Stopping here was on my to-do list, but as I approached, I decided that parking just wasn't worth the hassle. If I wanted, I could just hit up the Blaine Cheapo on the way home, and just as easily be disappointed by doing it. Plus I'd already found the three albums I was looking for at the Fetus.

Some 50 years ago, Nicollet Avenue was a straight shot into downtown Minneapolis. The city council of however many decades ago, allowed Nicollet to come to an stop, as a Kmart store would now be placed in the middle of the road.

You can bet the city is anxiously awaiting Kmart's inevitable closure. Redeveloping this property, and allowing Nicollet Avenue to continue uninterrupted, has to be high up on the city's wish list. Especially given the efforts already underway in gentrifying the neighborhood.

Don't know what this place once was, but that's a cool mural.

Before we get to Kmart, we have a bonus...


Didn't know it at the time, until a friend told me that it used to be Sullivan’s Super Value. 

With multi-lingual "No Trespassing" signs bolted to the overhang.

I love the "Refrigeration Trouble" light.

A blurry look inside. Sweet checkerboard tile!

Looking eastbound down towards the entrance.

Inside the first set of doors.

Inside the front window.

Inside the second set of doors.

It's really hard to read the writing on this sign, but it read: "Due to a lack of inventory STORE CLOSED at 8pm." I really wish I could have been in the store that day at around 7pm. Those pictures would have ruled!

And then we have the Lake Street Kmart...

There's been some obvious remodelling over the years, but if you look close, you can still see the classic early 1970's Kmart in this building. However, I'd be willing to bet those light poles are original. And thank you for that!

The first thing that stood out to me was how well stocked and clean the store is. Much nicer than the last few years of Kmart stores in Denver, Englewood, Blaine and Anoka. Among others.

Layaway! My old stereo was purchased via Kmart layaway. Back in 1990, from the old Crapids Kmart, that closed in 1995. Every night at the gas station down the street, I watched workers gut the former Kmart and turn it into a gigantic fitness center. It was sad to see a store that played such a large retail role in my life become what it did.

Being two weeks before Thanksgiving, of course the X-Mess decorations are up in full force. Although I loved the image of Rudolph on the floor, staring blankly at the gang of Nutcrackers in front of him.

To the toy aisle!

Miniature arcade games are still popular these days. And that's cool. I've yet to buy one, but I appreciate the marketing. Some of them look pretty cool. That being said, some of them also look like giant fails in the execution department. Centipede would be nearly impossible with those controls on that tiny of a screen, if gameplay was even close to the original. Same with Tetris. Trying to recognize fast falling pieces on that screen would be frustrating at best.

Hasbro continues to do a good job with their updated, but still faithful, Generation 1 line of Transformers. 

What's going on in wrasslin toys?

King Mabel?!?

Kind of a deep cut for this line, going back to a major main event failure in 1995 storylines. However, this toy rules! They even added a joint in the chest that mimics the giant moobs he uncovered during his shirtless last run as Big Daddy V!

Pro Wrasslin needs more giant fat guys. When I was a kid, wrasslin always kept a few big giant fat guys around, to beat up Hulk every few months and start new storylines. You just don't see that anymore. Most likely because the fattest among them all die pretty young.

Nelson Frazier Jr. (the guy who played King Mabel), wrassled around 500 pounds throughout his career and died after a heart attack in 2014. He was only 43 at the time.

Rodney Anoa'i wrassled as Yokozuna, while usually around the 600 pound mark. And he died in 2000 from Pulmonary Edema. Only 34 years old.

And the list goes on and on...

So maybe it's a good thing that Pro Wrasslin doesn't glorify the giant fat guys anymore.

Kinda wish I would have bought the King Mabel, now that I think more about it...

Even though it hasn't been a thing in decades, Kmart should do the classic "Blue Light Special" gimmick on an individual store basis. It would be kind of fun, and may just draw some customers in. Certainly better than this "Spend & Get" promotion...

Very impressive to see the pens, markers and other office supplies in this aisle fully stocked, faced and organized. I was really shocked to see that from one of the last Kmarts. This was nicer than the pen aisles at many of the suburban Walmarts and Targets I (unfortunately) shop at.

A large sign high up on the back wall designated that part of the store as electronics. These are always a stop, just to see what is there. Video games that I will never buy, big TV's showing whatever on a loop and all the other cool things that one would expect to find here.

However, the entire inventory of the electronics section had been whittled down to just this bin of DVD's that nobody wants. I gave it a few second's glance, but couldn't find hardly anything I'd even like to watch -let alone- buy.

The exact same coolers that were used by the Englewood Kmart, after they downgraded from a full size grocery store.

Men's wear.

For men.

Spent about 20 minutes walking around the entire store, absorbing all of it's Kmartiness, I still didn't find anything that I needed. Which was pretty stupid of me, as my planned goal was to get a receipt for anything with a documented purchase at this store. I was also surprised the Lake Street Kmart didn't have any baseball cards for sale, which was the thing I wanted to buy here, just to tie it into this story. Not too many years ago, Kmarts typically had a good selection of baseball cards.

Shoulda grabbed King Mabel...

Quite the variety of Skill Cranes, but there really should be a Roadblasters game instead...

This sign has seen better days.

Rather odd marketing slogan... With contrasting logos, side by side!

Kmarts cart corral has been beat up a little. The far leg was bent out to fill the parking space next door. Already, new apartments have sprouted from the ground across Lake Street. Making The Mart stare at it's inevitable fate on a daily basis. Cruel and unusual punishment...

Time to head back to Crapids! While waiting to turn onto Lake Street, I needed a photo of the back side of this older vintage White Castle building. Combining sun, clouds and my dirty windshield, I got a very blue White Castle. One of many times I got to work on my weak Photoshoppery skills.

Nice old building.

I stayed on Lake until I needed to get back on Lyndale. Now planning on going back to 94, then up to 694, then to University, then a quick left for tacos!

My camera was a bit too slow to get the photo of the Lynlake Brewery that I wanted.

Those two people had zero luck in trying to push their car into the gas station. I watched them try for the duration of my red light, and they hadn't moved the car by an inch.

Don't know what this business is, but I like the mural on the wall.

Treehouse Records closed a little while back, but they left their sign up, just so I could remember it was here. Too bad this photo is blurry as hell. The last time I was at Treehouse, was the same day that I was last at the Electric Fetus. Treehouse sold me a Vinny and the Stardusters CD that day.

I need a better photo of this place!

A shot of Lyndale Avenue northbound, approaching the I-94 interchange.


The freeway travels underneath Lyndale at this point, avoiding a complex mess of intersections and ramps above ground, for several blocks.

Looking over to where there was a nice traffic backup earlier this morning.

Not sure what I was thinking, but I really needed to swerve into the right lane and go back through downtown Minneapolis on Hennepin. Which would give me a chance to get pictures from the opposite angle on the drive back. All the way up Marshall, still hitting 694 to University to Tacos!

Blinded by Chilito, I guess...

The best picture I've ever taken of the Basilica of St. Mary. 

Minneapolis skyline, taken from the west.

A ways up I-94 sits a car on a pole. Not sure what business it is advertising these days. Years back, there was a mannequin of a bikini-clad woman posing on the hood. Not as many years back, that mannequin was replaced by whatever that is sitting on the car now. The bible verse is new as well.


A woman in a short dress with a silver orb for a head?


Exiting I-94 a few miles up onto 694, then exiting onto University.

As I mentioned before, I decided that I needed to add lunch at Zantigo to my day. 

Not as cheap as it used to be, but there are certain cravings that only Zantigo can fill. Since I'm minus a Del Taco in Minnesota, and Tacos Rapidos is just a deliciously bad memory, and the Bell is a non-starter, the times I'm able to stop by here are a happy one.

Before leaving home this morning, I sketched up a rough map of places I wanted to hit. I know I can do all this on my phone a lot quicker, my thoughts were it would be easier to glance at my notepad than to mess with the phone while driving. I didn't take into account the combination of my tiny hand writing and terrible eyesight would render my rendering mostly useless...

As I enjoyed my Tacos and Chilitos, I scribbled down some notes about the drive on my map. 

Now it's art!

Which was completed late that night as I tried to write down Laura's ever-changing dinner order at the bottom of the page.

Leaving Zantigo and going north on University Ave through Fridley and into Crapids, on the right you'll find this seemingly impossibly long complex of apartments.

Years ago, a frontage road was there, providing access to businesses like McDonalds (who moved to the Holiday/Cub Foods building down the street), Mr. Steak (which became a veterinary clinic after the last cheap steak was served), a Karate dojo and even the pre-Bell buyout Zantigo. Which closed in 1985 and became a small printing company. These were all demolished in the mid 1990's in favor of these bland boxy buildings. The new Zantigo opened inside an old Pizza Hut in the early 2000's.

Each year I am more and more surprised that Moon Plaza stays open. From the looks of this not so great picture, they have a pretty healthy occupancy.

Several months ago, the old Fridley City Hall, Police and Fire department was demolished. Only the sign remains today. This was always one of those places that I kept saying I needed to get to for pictures, but it never happened. Then it was gone. The entire complex went from standing to scraped land in under a week.

The new Fridley City Hall, Police and Fire department was built about a mile north on University Avenue.

Previously, this land was home to Columbia Arena.

Opened in 1967, closed in 2007 and demolished in 2015. 

And photographed by me in 2011. Have to write about that place some day...

Apparently the city of Fridley was the only one who saw the value in this investment opportunity.

For now, the Fridley (and Blaine) Perkins will remain open. The Anoka restaurant closed on October 20th of this year. Just as the near chain-wise demise of Kmart hit me a bit more personally than most businesses have, watching all of the Perkins disappearing hurts even more.

A betting man would put his nickels on an Anoka Perkins story appearing here soon...

This perfect shot of photographic excellence is included because it's the old Godfather's Pizza! Recently, it was repainted, but there have been no new tenants moving in.

With all the Perkins disappearing, soon boothrotting will be down to just Denny's. 

And that's not good for the sport.

The former Blaine Toys R Us is having some work done inside and out. Rumor has it that Goodwill is moving into the ex-toy store. Seems like a reasonable conversion.

Okay fine, I'll go to Cheapo...

Yup, nothing I need. And they didn't have any of the three albums I picked up at the Fetus either.

Which is a shame as I have such fond memories of the old Cheapo in Columbia Heights. Open 9am until midnight, 365 days a year. A great place to wrap up a night of hanging out. And they even carried stuff worth buying!

That's enough of that. Let's get back on Crapids Blvd. and go home!

Past the Crapids IHOP, that wasn't too bad of a place for boothrotting.

Atlas Staffing has finally taken over the long abandoned 610 Express gas station, in the parking lot of the 420 Suites. Which isn't a bad location for a temp agency, sitting outside a pay by the week motel.

The former 610 Express closed at some point after September 2012, when I took this picture of it being open, and October of 2015, when I visited Minnesota on vacation, and took pictures of it all closed up. The 610 Express was a convenient source of empty calories during the 420 Suites and Flintwood days of 2003 & 2004. Though cleanliness was never a strong suit here. Seen some horrifying things in that men's room...

Several miles west of the here, there is still nothing happening at the old Dairy Queen, which closed in 2015.

Here is the same Dairy Queen (with Atlas Pet Supply as an added bonus) during happier open times of September 2006. The old barn had been a Dairy Queen for decades, but was sorely in need of major renovations. One day without advanced warning, ownership said screw it and closed the store for the final time.

And just like that, there's the gas station which started my day and I'm back home.

Felt good to get out and drive around, taking pictures of stuff not that many people even think about. I don't get to do this nearly as much as I used to, and I miss doing it. Starting with the stated mission of going to Kmart, I was able to come away with a bunch of additional stories I hadn't planned on writing. Which is the best part of doing this. I don't necessarily know what I'm going to talk about until I come back and look at every picture, and see what comes from it...

So yeah, there's the Lake Street Kmart for you...

There's a lot more similar stories to this one I'm working on, and will get posted as soon as I can piece enough time together to write them!

Happy belated Thanksgiving.

And go to the Lake Street Kmart for all your Black Friday needs! They could use the support.


  1. I remember when they tore down a club that featured go-go dancers in cages in order to build the Fridley City Hall, Police and Fire department when I was a kid.


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